Thank You Letters

Thank You Note

If the resume is the "before" communicator of your high-value qualifications, then the thank-you letter is the "after" chance to market yourself to obtain an offer. Following up after a job interview can be as important as the interview itself and failing to send a thank you letter can be a fatal misstep in your job search.

Tips for Crafting a Thoughtful Thank You Note

  • Do not use a template as hiring managers are well versed at identifying a generic effort. If your letter is too generic, too short, or if it sounds like a template or scripted message, you probably won't win any points.
  • Wait to write you thank you note until after the interview has been conducted and send it within 1-24 hours of the experience. Remember, “the sooner the better" is your motto when sending out your post-interview thank you letters.
  • Express appreciation for the interviewer's time and for giving you a fresh update on the organization's immediate direction, after all the point of the letter is to express your gratitude!
  • A successful thank you note builds on the interview by illustrating your strong points in addition to offering one or two specifics that relate to your conversation.
  • Remind the interviewer of what specifically you can do for a company, not what a company can do for you.
  • While you’ll want to reaffirm your interest in the position and respect for the company, keep your note to a page. Your goal is to refresh the memory of your interview with the hiring manager and not to rehash the entire interview into an essay.
  • Illustrate soft skills such as self-motivation and commitment while providing specific proof of your claims, ideally these examples should come directly from your interview responses.
  • End your thank you on a positive note as the primary goal of a follow-up letter is to create positive feelings on the part of the interviewer, and for those feelings to be associated with you.
  • If you were interviewed by more than one person, thank each interviewer separately and be sure to mention something specific that you and each interviewer discussed, doing this makes it more personal and more memorable…which helps you stand apart from the crowd.
  • Take a second or third look at the letter before hitting send to ensure that the note is error free, don’t rely on spell check to catch your mistakes.
  • You can find a lot of sample thanks letters on the Web by searching for "job interview thank you letters”, these will help you to get some ideas, but be sure to craft your own unique message.

Sample Thank You Note

To: Andrew Moon (

From: Maria Washington (

Date: 2/23/2018

Subject: Follow up on Edelman Interview

Dear Mr. Moon,

It was a pleasure meeting you today to discuss the media communications internship at Edelman. Our meeting further confirmed to me the position is a perfect match for my passion, skills, and interests. I enjoyed discussing my background and desire to be a part of an agency that is dedicated to helping clients use data instead of hunches.

Aside from my passion for advertising, I would also bring my eagerness to learn, desire to succeed, and the ability to adapt to any environment. Thank you again for taking the time to interview me today. I am very interested in joining the Edelman culture, and I look forward to hearing from you about the position.


Maria Washington

Media Studies

Emory University, May 2019

(404) 555-2938