Career Fairs

A good place to start is by reviewing some of these general tips and advice for attending a career fair:

Dress appropriately. Wear business attire. Do not depend on very high heels, multiple earrings, wild hair, or heavy cologne/perfume to complete your look at this event! Conservative appearance is more appropriate for talking to employers. You’ll receive a nametag to place on your right breast pocket. 

Get a map at check-in so you can easily target the tables where companies are located inside the fair.

DO NOT approach recruiters with your friends. Let them know that you are independent and confident.

Start off by approaching a secondary choice. Warm up and build confidence before approaching your top choices.

Examples of Professional Attire

Professional Attire Examples

What employers are evaluating

  • Can you communicate clearly? (Firm handshake, eye contact, clear articulation of ideas)
  • Are you professional? Have you done your research?
  • Do you ask good questions? Do you seem genuinely interested? Do you appear confident?
  • Can you concisely discuss your experiences, skills, related coursework and career goals?

What should you ask?

  • What are your hiring trends or projections? What are a few of your immediate projects/needs?
  • What do you look for in an ideal candidate for this role?
  • Are there multiple locations? Which locations are hiring?
  • What is the next step in the recruitment process? (How can I follow up?) 

What to avoid asking

  • What does your company do? (You should have researched this before coming)
  • Salary and benefits inquiries (You can research this online; not typically discussed until there is an offer)
  • Information about vacation, office perks (Makes you appear more interested in lifestyle than work) 

What to do after the fair

Send a thank-you email within 1-2 business days to organizations of interest. Be sure to spell names correctly, mention a highlight of your meeting, reiterate your interest in the company/position, and request an interview. Be persistent, but not pesky. It’s okay to send out another email or call a week after your first effort, but recruiters often travel to other fairs and stay very busy. Give them ample time to respond before following up again.