Job Search Quick Tips

Explore career fields based on your interests, personality and values:

  • Meet with your career counselor to discuss taking our self-assessments and receive interpretation as to how your interests, personality, and values would relate to your career interests.
  • Research information specific to career fields and industries to see how you would fit within these role(s) and organizational cultures.
  • Talk to family, friends and acquaintances about their careers to gain their insight.
  • Participate in job-shadowing experiences to observe careers and work environments you’re considering; often these brief experiences can help to confirm you’re on the right path.
  • Attend career panels, industry focus nights, or networking events sponsored by The Career Center to meet and interact with professionals who are more than happy to talk with you!

Understand the timelines for your industry of interest:

  • Many companies begin seeking May graduates in September. When is the usual hiring cycle for the jobs you’re looking into? Is it fall, which is popular for consulting, finance, and high-security federal jobs? Or is it spring, when companies are ready to interview May grads? Use Eagle Ops and other resources (Career Center staff, company websites, etc.) to research application deadlines.

Start building your network and improve your online presence:

  • Meet with a career counselor or attend a Career Center workshop on how to network appropriately and begin to create a professional online presence.
  • Create a Linked In account and join the Emory Alumni Association group.
  • Review our networking tips in the “how to” section of our website.

Plan for the search:

  • Set aside time for the job search and application process.
  • Make a list of career fields and specific companies or organizations to which you’re hoping to apply.
  • Use the Eagle Ops “Employers” tab to identify more organizations that might fit your search.

Prepare targeted resumes and other application materials, including cover letters:

  • Create a draft of your resume, highlighting all the information employers need to know to consider your candidacy.
  • Connect with alumni and ask for industry specific feedback on your resume.
  • Have multiple audiences read and provide feedback on your materials.
  • Take advantage of The Career Center’s critique service and have your resumes and cover letters reviewed by an advisor.

Apply for positions:

  • Give yourself ample time to prepare application materials (resume, cover letter, writing sample, etc.) before the deadline.
  • Make a list of the various documents required for each position, and check off materials as you complete them.
  • Keep track of exactly when and where you have sent completed applications. For those you apply for in Eagle Ops, these are automatically tracked in the “Applications” (for non-OCR) and “Requested Interviews” (for OCR) tabs.
  • Follow up with organizations that have not gotten back to you within a reasonable time frame, particularly if they are your top choices and you are starting to hear back from other organizations.

Practice interviewing:

  • Attend one of the Interviewing Workshops or read interview tips.
  • Make an appointment with a Career Advisor for a mock interview.
  • Participate in Corporate Mock Interviews through the Career Center in September or January, when offered.
  • Connect with alumni through the Emory Alumni Association for career field specific interview advice.

Evaluate and accept an offer:

  • If you receive multiple offers and are unsure how to handle them, meet with a Career counselor to talk them over.
  • Feel free to ask the organizations additional questions about the job. This is a big decision, and employers should be happy to provide you all information needed to accept or reject an offer.