International Opportunities

Discovering opportunities that match your international interests and goals is a process that begins with some of the same essential steps as a domestic search; Identifying your interests, skills, and values, obtaining relevant experience, goal setting, and the creation of quality resumes and cover letters. It is helpful to identify jobs in high demand in your country/countries of interest and to think of ways to develop skills in one of those areas if you do not currently have them. To find a job internationally requires advance planning and a strategy.

Ask yourself these questions first...

Who is looking for someone like you?

Assess your qualifications. Identify any specific skills or experiences which make you a unique and value added candidate for international employment (i.e. language skills, technical skills, coursework, study abroad or other cross-cultural experiences).

What type of experience are you seeking?

Identify the industry and functional roles you are aspiring to pursue employment in and determine the cultural norm for these.

Why are you seeking an international career?

List your top goals for working, interning or volunteering abroad (e.g. gaining experience in a field, enhancing language skills, seeking cultural immersion, etc.) be prepared to share your background in writing as well as in person.

Where in the world are you seeking employment?

Identify and research your geographic target market(s), what are the current social, political or economic trends and how might these factors impact your planning?

When are you planning to go abroad?

If seeking employment outside of your home country, check the host country’s embassy website to learn about how to obtain permission to pursue legally, paid or unpaid work. It is important to know their requirements and plan ample time to obtain the appropriate work authorization prior to seeking employment.

How can the Career Center help?

Attend Programs

The Career Center provides a number of programs to assist students with their professional development needs; career exploration opportunities, skill development workshops, networking events, and employment fairs.  The annual International Career Networking Night is a collaborative signature event at Emory for facilitating connections between students and professionals who have a shared interest in international careers.

Use Resources

GoinGlobal offers specialized information on jobs and internships in many countries across fields, industries, and organizations.  Going Global also provides invaluable resources on employment trends, interviews, work visas, and country-specific resumes.  Additionally The Career Center maintains a Career Resource Library which offers a wide variety of resources for you!

Glassdoor now has the ability for students to research companies, salaries, and interview processes for all types of international employers. Here are some of their supported countries: AustriaAustralia, Belgium (French or Dutch language), Canada (English or French  language), FranceGermanyIndiaIrelandNetherlands, Switzerland (French or German language), and the UK.  

Make Contacts

The Emory Alumni Association is strengthening relationships among students and international alumni by supporting International Alumni Chapters, an Alumni Directory and the EAA Linked In group.

What if I don't find an job in my country of choice?

You may want to consider doing one of a few things:


Work for an international business that has a local office in the US. Go to Chamber of Commerce websites and look for information on International or Global businesses underneath the “Economic Development” section of most chamber websites. Usually they will list foreign companies that are operating in their city.


Work for a US company with branches in your country/countries of interest. You may be able to work with international clients or possibly get an assignment abroad once you get your foot in the door with a company.

Consider volunteering or teaching abroad in your country/countries of interest. Once you are abroad, network as much as possible to learn about what the process would be to find a position that more aligns with your interests.