Is Grad School Right for Me?

The best reason to attend graduate school involves having a well-thought-out career plan. In practical terms, that usually boils down to two things: love and money. If you have a passionate interest in a subject area, graduate study could be a way for you to explore that interest more deeply. You would have the opportunity to conduct research, publish, and extend your passion to others through teaching. For some, however, the motivation to go to graduate school is a little more basic than that. It all boils down to one simple phrase- show me the money! In many fields, a graduate degree is necessary to become gainfully employed because it is the practicing degree for the field. The graduate degree can also be used for advancement in a current field or occupation.

Although you may decide to go to graduate school for the reasons listed above, there are some reasons that are not appropriate for going to graduate school. The decision to attend a graduate program should not be done as a way of delaying entry into the “real world.” Many students have made the mistake of going to graduate school to avoid entering the world of work. They may not be sure of what career they want to pursue and opt to simply “stay in school.” Unfortunately, this often is the worst decision they can make. Graduate school is not simply an extension of college. By nature, it is much more intensive and focused. Whereas you sought to have a broad educational base as an undergraduate, your graduate education is designed to train you in a specific field or profession. If you lack a strong interest in a specific subject matter and are not entirely devoted to developing yourself as a professional in that area, then graduate study is not for you.

Individual Advising

Not sure if grad school is for you? Individual advising for graduate school is available through the assigned Career Advisor for your major. Even if you are pursuing graduate study in an area outside of your major, your Career Advisor is ready to assist you with any questions you may have. Find out your assigned Career Advisor.

To schedule an individual advising appointment with your Career Advisor, please call The Career Center at 404-727-6211. In addition, you may also meet with your Career Advisor on a walk-in basis during their weekly office hours to address questions about graduate school. Please note that office hours are 15-minute sessions, intended for quick questions only. If you feel that you will need more time to discuss your questions, it would be best to schedule a full appointment with your Career Advisor.