Dean's Certification

When applying to law school, some schools may require a Dean’s Certification form to be completed as a part of the application process. Some Dean's Certifications will be included as a part of the initial application whereas other forms may be required of you after you have been admitted to a law school. This form is used by law schools to determine if an applicant has any standing academic or disciplinary sanctions on their University record. Please note that most law schools do not require a Dean's Certification. However, if applying to a school where it is required, a form will be supplied by the school, either inside of their application packet or after they have admitted you.

Dean's Certification forms should be submitted to The Career Center for processing and submission to the law schools. The Career Center is the authorized office at Emory to complete these forms for all graduate and professional school admissions. You should not take these forms to any other office at Emory to be completed. To have a Dean’s Certification completed, applicants should do the following:


Sign the Dean's form for each school in the appropriate place.


Complete the appropriate forms from The Career Center:


Submit the Dean’s Forms, Career Center forms, and payment in the appropriate amount to The Career Center.

If mailing materials, the address is located at the top of the Registration & Authorization Form.

A fee of $5 per certification applies, payable by check or credit/debit card. Please make checks payable to Emory University. For credit/debit cards, you may pay in person at The Career Center front desk or you may call The Career Center at 404-727-6211 to submit payment information over the phone.

Please note that there is a 5 - 7 business day turnaround time on Dean's certifications, so applicants should plan accordingly. Requests for Certifications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, and applicants are encouraged to submit forms well ahead of school deadlines.