Document Critique Service

As a part of the application for law school, students will be required to submit admissions essays and resumes detailing their extracurricular involvements, including professional experience, volunteerism, and leadership through on-campus activities. In an effort to assist in maximizing these portions of the law school application, The Career Center provides a Document Critique Service for applicants.

Allow approximately 3-5 business days for review and return of your critique for statements or 2-3 days for critiques of resumes. Because many students use this service throughout the year, critiques cannot be returned overnight. Therefore, please plan accordingly when submitting critiques for review. You will receive your critique by email from the reviewer.

Document Critique Policies

While our critique service is meant to be a learning process for students, in order to ensure fair and equal access to the service, the following policies are in place for use of the service:

  • Complete a full draft of your essay. We will not critique fragmented ideas or “stream-of-consciousness” writing. See our personal statement rubric for help.
  • Students may submit 3 different essays per semester, and each essay can be critiqued up to 2 times per semester. This limit ensures that all students will have equal access to the service and that critiques can be returned in a timely fashion. Because of the limit, we encourage students to do some self-review of their essay before submitting it to the service.

If assistance is needed in formulating a strong statement or resume, students may schedule an appointment with the Pre-Law Advisor by calling 404-727-6211. Students are also encouraged to review the personal statement workshop given by the Pre-Law Advisor. View the slides for this workshop.