Clothing Closet

The Clothing Closet will be offline/ not available from April 29- August 28,2019.


The Emory Clothing Closet was created to provide Emory students the ability to borrow clothing for career fairs, interviews or other professional and social events. The closet was made possible due to local community donations, generous funding provided by Enterprise Rent-a-Car and the College Council.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the size or type of clothing you need will be in stock.

Students may check out business casual and business professional attire by stopping by the Career Center from 8:30am-4:00pm during the Fall and Spring semester when class is in session. Please bring your student ID with you.

What does it cost to check out items?

There is no cost to check out any attire items. However, items must be returned in the same condition there were loaned. Clothing must be returned clean/dry clean, if not students will incur a charge for cleaning services.

Please review our updated Acknowledgement Agreement from Spring 2019 to Current

         I acknowledge that the item(s) that are being rented to me will be returned within 5 business days. If the items I return are late, I acknowledge I will be charged $1/day until the items are returned.

         If I need an extension I must contact the Career Center by phone. Items that are requested thru the extension period are granted a maximum of 2 business days past return date.

         If I returned the item(s) damaged, I will be assessed the retail cost of that item(s). We do not accept cash payment.

         If I do not return the items(s), I will be charged the retail cost of that item(s). We do not accept cash payment.

         Students who fail to return clothing closet items will have their access rights to Handshake revoked until the items are returned.

         If I return the item(s) unwashed and not clean, I will be assessed a total of $25.00 (Not including the late fee charged if the item is returned late). We do not accept cash payment.

         I understand that access to the clothing closet is a privilege not a right. My access to the clothing closet may be revoked if I do not abide by the rules/protocols.

What items can I check out from the Clothing Closet?

  • Men & Women's suits and suit separates
  • Dress shirts and pants
  • Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Shoes
  • Belts
  • Ties

Where can I get items cleaned before I return them?

  1. Pressbox Cleaners (Emory Village) -
  2. Carriage Cleaners (Emory Point) -
  3. Majik Touch Cleaners (Emory Village) -

What should I wear?

Sample Attire